What are the long-term effects of chemicals on car paint?

Car groomers SingaporeIn order to keep your cars fresh and shining all the time, you need to take good care of the body parts of the vehicle as well as the engine. You should take the vehicle to authentic car groomers Singapore often to get the vehicles cleaned in the best manner and to get the engines checked. Periodic checks and cleaning are a must if you want to keep the vehicle in good condition. You should be careful with all the maintenance works that you do to the vehicle. The choice of paint can also bring huge differences to the overall looks of the vehicle. The chemical contents present in some of the paints can cause serious damages to the exteriors of the vehicle.

Some of the chemicals react when it is exposed to sunlight for long. The heat that gets absorbed by the body parts will cause the car paint to react in a bad manner. This will also cause the inside temperature of the vehicle to rise. The travel comfort will be affected when this happens. You will have to use the air-conditioner for longer durations in order to avoid the adverse effects of this and the overall journey will become uncomfortable.

Colors fade after a while if the paint used contains a lot of harmful chemicals. This will make the vehicles look dull within a short time after the repainting is done. If you make use of professional car polish service in Singapore, you will be able to avoid this problem to a great extend.

Some of the chemicals used in certain paints will cause it to just break off, leaving patches on the body, after a while. Scratches would be formed on the body of the cars when this happens. This again will affect the overall looks of the vehicle. It will look real bad when the body contains a lot of scratches. The shine of the vehicle will be lost due to the presence of chemicals. It will be difficult to get the car cleaned after a while due to the presence of certain chemicals in the paint. If you choose Singapore car groomers who have a good reputation, you will be provided with the best quality paint which will not cause such issues.


How to Remove Black Ink from Car Paint

Car polish service in SingaporeIf you know the type of ink that has got on your car’s paint i.e. the chemical composition of the ink, then it is a lot easier to decide the best cleaning solution for ink removal. If you have got an ink stain on your car’s body, the best thing is to take quick action. Leaving the ink stain as such will only worsen the problem, as when the car’s body gets heated up in the sun, the ink stain would further settle and grip into the paint. The best way to remove unwanted ink stains in a professional manner is to take your car to Singapore car polish services.

You can also try to remove the ink stain at home. Typically there are two categories of ink, water based and non-water based (permanent). As it is clear from the two names above, water based inks are easier to remove than permanent ones.

Water Based inks

Water based inks include – children’s markers, magic markers, erasable ink pens, ink stamps, calligraphy ink and highlighters. Removal of such type of ink marks can be accomplished by washing with plain water. After wetting the stained area with water, use a piece of clean towel to absorb the ink from the surface. Another idea is to put some normal washing detergent on to the stain and wet it for few minutes and then wash it with warm water and clean the stained area with a neat towel.

Non-water based (permanent) ink

Non-water ink stains are harder to remove. These include stains from permanent markers, sharpies, standard ink pens. Car polish service in Singapore has professional expertise to deal with such kind of stains. However, you can try your bit at home to find whether it works or not.

  • The first thing you can do is treat the stain with alcohol. Apply alcohol on the stained area so that the alcohol dissolves the stain. Now use a clean towel to absorb the stain.
  • Another thing that you can do is use a fingernail polish remover. The ones, which are non-acetone based, are best. First, test it on an inconspicuous car paint area to check that it doesn’t affect the paint surface. If you find it safe, you can use it in the same way as mentioned above for alcohol.
  • Stain remover products and gels can also be put into trial to find any success. This works well when the stains are fresh.

Car grooming in Singapore is a tested business to have a new look on your car once again. They have the technical expertise on different kind of stains and their removal methods. Thus, it is better to apply their professional approach if things don’t work out to your expectations at home.

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What do car washes do on rainy days?

Car wash service SingaporeSingapore is a country that experiences moderate amounts of rainfall all through the year. What will you do if it rains immediately after you drive out of a car wash service Singapore? What do car washes do on rainy days? Well, A good car wash service in the country that offers complete services will get your vehicle cleaned even on rainy days. You might even get a rain check if the vehicle gets drenched in the rain immediately after it is serviced. This will help you to take the vehicle back to the service station to get it cleaned without paying an extra dime if rains come in your way.  If you happen to take the vehicle to a cash wash service on a rainy day, you can get the interiors cleaned and leave the exteriors for another day. This option is provided by many service centers offering car grooming Singapore. The interiors need a good amount of work if you are in the habit of keeping the windows open while you drive.

If you take the vehicle to the service station on a rainy day, the number of cars waiting in line at the place will be quite low. The service staff will be able to take better care of your vehicle when there is no hurry to finish off the cleaning process. You can also go for car polish Singapore after the wash on a rainy day. This will help a lot to keep away dirt from the exteriors of the vehicle. The service stations use good quality wax to polish the exteriors of the car and this will repel dust to a great extend. You will also be able to protect the paint on the exteriors from the powerful rays of the run and the dripping rain water. If you want to get the car cleaned on a rainy day, you can call up the helpline number of the car grooming centre close to your place and service staff would be send to your doorsteps to pick up the vehicle. They will return the vehicle after it is cleaned and even if they drive through the drenched roads in the country, all the dirt will be washed off before handing over the key back to you.

What is the best way to remove brake dust from your wheels

Car care SingaporeIf you forget to get the wheels cleaned, the overall look of your car will get badly affected. Most of the time, you will take good care of the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle to a certain extend but omits the wheels. You might get the outer portion of the wheels cleaned but this is not enough to keep it clean. The brake dust has to be removed from the wheels without fail if you want to keep the vehicle completely clean. A good amount of dust will get accumulated in the brake pads when you drive the car for less than a thousand miles. Cleaning the dust and looking for methods to avoid dust from getting accumulated in a short duration again are two things that need to be done in order to keep the car tidy.

You can do the cleaning yourself if you can spend a few minutes. You need to park the vehicle in a convenient spot first and apply the emergency brakes. The handbrake will prevent the vehicle from rolling down a sloppy surface in between the cleaning process. You will have to buy a good brand of commercial cleanser to get the dust removed from the wheels. You have to pour water on the wheels first and then apply the cleanser. Using a brush and a piece of cloth, clean each and every part of the wheel. If the car has wheel cups, you will have to remove it and get it cleaned separately. When you do this, you will have better access to the brake pads too. After removing the wheel cups, clean the entire portion that gets exposed. Forcefully directing the water towards the wheels and the surrounding areas will get the dust removed completely.

If you forget to get the wheels cleaned often, you might not be able to get the brake dust removed very easily. It is better to seek professional help during such situations. If you take the car to a professional car wash service Singapore, you will be able to get the wheels cleaned absolutely well. Every grain of dirt will be removed in a professional manner when you make use of the impeccable services provided by the car groomers Singapore. When you take your car to professional car grooming centers in the country, you will be able to reduce the dust accumulation in the vehicle for a prolonged period. After cleaning the exteriors and the wheels, the professionals will wax the entire portion. This will keep the exteriors of the vehicle shining and also prevent dust accumulation to a great extend. When you choose professional car care Singapore, you will not have to find time in between your busy schedules to get the vehicles cleaned. All you need to do is to call up the helpline numbers of a reputed company and give them the details. They will send an executive to the address that you provide and do the needful. Most of the car care companies will take the vehicle to their private space and get it cleaned.